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Putting the fun back in learning.

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Creating smooth, dynamic and engaging experiences.

Programming ideas, and designing web outfits

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We create tools that empower your business. Better customer management with excellent CRM software. Fluid internal management with a beautiful and functional ERP. Easy to use and perfect for handling a complex business.


Teaching doesn' have to be boring. With a little creativity and lots of programming, design and innovation we can make learning cool again. You’d love to be back in school.

App Development

One website to go, please! Your website must be able to travel on mobile phones or tablets. Agree? Ok, your wish is our command, we'll create mobile friendly websites enriched with apps and more. Just click and travel.

Where ideas become apps and software

How things work around here?

Every lasting and fruitful friendship starts with a good talk so the first step is to talk about what you need, want and care to communicate. We’ll offer our advice, scribble an agreement and start developing.

The result will become better and better through your feedback and intelligent testing. From simple landing pages or websites to complex apps, ERP or CRM platforms, we can program your ideas and design their digital outfit. 


CRMs save time and money, look professional, are convenient, secure, they simplify goal-setting and generate leads. Wouldn’t you like to have one of those?

We are masters at creating personalized and fast CRMs.  We empower you over the unpredictable customer behavior.

ERPs offer better financial reporting, allow departments to communicate better, eliminate duplication, streamline processes and generally help you manage the business better.  Based on your business needs we’ll design one of your own to solve specific problems you face now. The ERP is like a magic box, you’ll only want to know what goes in and what comes out.

We know what we’re doing

Ascensys has done it plenty of times before, so we’re confident that we’ll create an efficient ERP/CRM that will be your best investment yet.


Whether it is math, geography, chemistry or foreign languages, we can make incredibly fun and easy to use apps and children will actually want to play with them. They will not even notice they are actively learning.

Better, faster and easier learning

We put our skills to good use and come up with ingenious ways to present new information and adapt it to the modern digital age. Interaction is a key feature and our past experience in creating educational apps helped us understand what makes people tick and what’s truly engaging and attractive. We find ways to transform the “boring” into something exciting and the “complicated” into something challenging.


App Development

Mobile oriented

The love affair with our mobile phones and tablets will not end too soon, so you’d better make sure that your website or app is ready for the new wave. Mobile apps need to follow a different set of rules and we know them by heart.

Be on the go to win hearts, leads and sales

All our websites and platforms are perfectly optimized for Android and iOS and if you need a mobile app go no further. Tell us what your vision is and we’ll use our magic wand, work hundreds of hours and create the perfect product. 


projects we delivered

This is where you get impressed. Hopefully.

Here is a glimpse of our past projects and some of the clients we had the pleasure to work with.  We always have an ace up our sleeve so we can come up with different or more creative stuff, depending on your needs. 

  • AeL Lessons





  • Biblioteca Digitala Tapet

    App Development

    “Biblioteca Digitala”, a project developed by Vodafone Romania in partnership with McCann Erickson and BookLand will arrive in Romanian homes as a custom wallpaper.


    “Biblioteca Digitala”, a project developed by Vodafone Romania in partnership with McCann Erickson and BookLand will arrive in Romanian homes as a custom wallpaper. “I saw -in the various stages of the project- many people excited about the innovation and creativity of this idea, scanning curiously QR codes of the books, and enjoying easy access to reading. Now, with this bold step forward, “Biblioteca Digitala” enters people’s personal space in a way that likely anticipates the future of library” says Romina Tazlaoanu, Senior Manager, Consumer Brand Communications, Vodafone Romania. Users who want to decorate their house can enroll on “Biblioteca Digitala” website, where they can choose their book titles, various types of wallpaper designs and illustrated objects. Users can choose from a list that is constantly updated and contains currently 110 titles. The library holds up to 87 books and the cost of a roll of wallpaper with standard size 1.04 x 2.50 m is 363 ron and includes transportation throughout the country.


    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, Image Processing, mySQL, PHP


    Radu Pintilie (project management & development support) 
    Eduard Neculaesi (implementation) 
    Dan Arama (implementation)

  • BioRelay


    BioRelay is accelerating human diagnostics by connecting doctors and clinicians with diagnostic testing laboratories on a global scale.


    BioRelay is accelerating human diagnostics by connecting doctors and clinicians with diagnostic testing laboratories on a global scale. The application provides e-prescription, test ordering and shipping features to clinicians and laboratories.

    It is a Single-Page Application built from zero, which relies on a secure REST/JSON API as a back-end.

    It has been built on a Backbone.js basis, using various extensions for this library, like deep-model.js and stickit.js.The application’s architecture has been continuously improved, to allow for the easiest management of the files and the Backbone.js modules. HTML templating has been achieved using Google Closure Template, a very powerful framework, which allowed for an extreme ease in generating the HTML strings. The application is responsive, thus compatible with both desktop browsers and mobile devices.


    HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Backbone.js, Closure Templates, jQuery


    Eduard Neculaesi (implementation)

    Cosmin Stamate (implementation) 

    Radu Pintilie (project management & development support)

  • Litera

    ERP/App Development




  • Orbit Chewmeter

    App Development

    Facebook/Web App + BTL Activation – Chew Orbit, smile and test your luck at Mestecometru.


    Facebook/Web App + BTL Activation – Chew Orbit, smile and test your luck at Mestecometru. Surprise prizes await you. Participate now! We have developed a face-recognition web app where you can control the characters only by chewing and smiling. It was used both as a Facebook app and an in store activation web app.


    Facial-Recognition, Facebook SDK, Flash, ActionScript, HTML, PHP, Javascript


    Radu Pintilie (project management & development support) 
    Liviu Macra (implementation)

  • Bite to Win

    App Development

    MRM Romania and KFC Romania launch the company’s first mobile campaign – “Bite to Win” application


    The KFC Scan the Bites app is based on the brand’s main claim – the new KFC Fillet bites are made from real chicken and on the spot. Therefore, every chicken fillet bite looks a little different – one is round, one is longer than the other – and people can see and imagine different shapes and object in every bite. So, through this app, we figured out a way to activate consumers in a fun way, also emphasizing the product’s claim

    There are 50 pre-determined shapes that consumers can find in the KFC Fillet Bites (examples: a heart, an elephant, Elvis, Darth Vader). Using a shape-recognition technology, we helped on developement of the KFC “Bite to Win” application. We are proud to have been technical partners on this project for which we developed and used a personalised algorithm for image detection.


    Android SDK, Facebook SDK, iOS SDK, mySQL, OpenCV, PHP


    Radu Pintilie (Software Engineer) 

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world wide clients

We couldn’t do it without our cherished partners. And because they are amazing and we’d like you to meet them, here they are in all their splendor.  

We require regular app development for some of the big brands we work with, like KFC or ORBIT, and it is tremendous work. Ascensys is more than a reliable long-term partner, it’s like working with a team of friends.  The guys always create fun and engaging application in tune with the Facebook campaigns that we run and they do all the modifications in a timely manner. We are very impressed of their ability to literally read our minds and deliver stylish, elegant, and modern apps and designs. Every modification we ask for adds exactly that special extra that we are looking for. They take their work seriously and they are easy to work with. Truly recommended. 

Diana Dragomir

Co Founder MindTreatStudios

The Ascensys team helped us with the creation of a smart video conversion app that allowed the conversion in different formats and extensions or to transfer the data to various devices. It’s very nice to find a team so open-minded and responsive and yet super-skilled. We were impressed by the fresh designs, the great care for details and the fast delivery. Audio and video conversion implies complex algorithms and strong math skills and it’s usually hard to find a mix of clever engineers with whom you can work easily. They were basically able to handle anything. Thank you! 

Bernahrd Throll

CTO at Yelsi GMH

It was a pleasure working with the Ascensys team in the Education for the future project and we really felt their creative energy and true passion for the project. The designs created by them were always top-notch and they always provided really useful ideas. They went beyond the standard lesson scripts to help us improve the user experience and create engaging apps. The team is young, energetic and great to work with at all levels. 

Marin Vidrascu

Executive Director at Editura Litera

As a successful HR company in Germany we had to deal with many repetitive and complicated daily processes we desperately needed to optimize. We now owe numerous saved hours and our greatly increased efficiency to the ERP/CRM software created by the Ascensys team. The guys worked incessantly with us for over a year to create an app that successfully keeps track of the huge number of applicants, partner companies, scheduled interviews, and current employees.  It was a huge task, a tremendous effort and Ascensys handled it perfectly and delivered a great product.

Wilhelm Schmidt

Information Manager at Logistic People GMBH